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What happens when you don’t enjoy creating your content

I am sad about the amount of small business owners who moan about their marketing. Don’t get me wrong…I don’t mind them moaning to me ….I am sad that they feel they have to moan at all.

They moan because they don’t enjoy the content creation process, so essential to most marketing activities.

They moan because they put in hard work to create something and it’s not effective.

They moan because the platforms they use seem to fight against. them

They moan because they do what they are “told they must do”, instead of actually what they enjoy doing

They moan because marketing just isn’t enjoyable any more.

Therefore, I am on a mission to bring the fun and enjoyment back to content creation and I want to start by discussing how enjoying content creation and getting your mojo back when it comes to marketing will help.

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5 consequences of not enjoying creating content for your small business

Your content gets boring

Harsh but fair! I am often asked to review marketing efforts as part of my consultancy work..and it’s worrying how often social media posts, website content and email marketing quickly seems to plummet from exciting and original to really quite boring.

Now, you may think this is because people are reusing content and putting out the same thing again and again…WRONG! It’s actually because they are trying to produce too much new content. They are stuck on the content treadmill and are rapidly running out of new and exciting ideas, so they stick out any old thing. New? Yes! Innovative and interesting? No!

There’s no innovation because they don’t have the time or energy and unsurprisingly they are not enjoying the content they create.

From the content treadmill to the content trampoline! Let’s change your content creation approach

You get behind and inconsistent with your content

Things you don’t enjoy doing always get pushed to the bottom of the ‘to do list’. Don’t you agree?

It’s human nature. You delay it for a day or a week. You then feel under more pressure and the original ‘couple of posts you missed’ becomes a huge scheduling job or a mass of pressure to put something out…anything out!

What started out as an enjoyable little task …that consistent bit of marketing that was fun when you were quiet and not too busy…that bit of you time working on your business rather than in it…becomes a chore. Sadly, there is often a cumulative effect of leaving your content creation to the last minute (so you put out any old thing, regardless of quality, whether its on brand…or even makes sense!). You also become sporadic and inconsistent with your marketing, which leaves your audience and ultimately your ideal client confused.

Your audience can tell when content is created “under duress”

Talking of your audience…they are smart. We are all very very experienced content consumers now. We can see through inauthentic posts. We are getting better at sifting out spams and scams. We see so much ‘traffic’ in so many forms that ‘any old thing’ won’t catch our eye any longer.

When you don’t enjoy creating content, it shows through in the posts you create. Even if you outsource, if you are not excited about the marketing you want to do, the ways it’s done, the grand plan even…it will show.

Be respectful of this. Show your clients that when you ‘turn up’ that you are there with purpose. Show up as the best version of you and your business.

Your content affects your lead generation and sales

The cumulative affect of the previous three items in this list is that when you don’t enjoy your marketing and it becomes boring, poor quality and inconsistent is that it can affect your sales.

Depending on how much you rely on mass marketing – especially social media and general emails – then when this happens, you won’t see the engagement and leads, that can help bring in sales.

Yes reputation, repeat customers and being a bit visible will get you so far…but add in great content that informs, educates, entertains and buzzes with your personality and oozes enjoyment is going to work so much better

You outsource the wrong thing

This may surprise you as my final ‘consequence’….surely if you don’t enjoy creating content then outsourcing it is the best thing you could do? …right?!

However, what if it isn’t that you don’t enjoy creating content…it’s that you don’t enjoy not having the time and energy to do it well? Creating content is a creative process – you do need space, and planning and to be in the mood!

So, before you pass it on to someone else, what about considering if there are other things that you can outsource to allow you to have the time and get the enjoyment back?

I know small business owners who outsource their social media or all of their marketing but are then disappointed by the lack of authenticity their content now has…or frustrated that they still have to ‘create’ items, not freeing up the time they expected.

Step back and look at your business overall. If you once loved creating content when you had the time and energy…then get that buzz back.

Get back on the content trampoline (that I adore and no-one is taking away from me!!!) and outsource something else instead….accounting, admin, even workload (get an employee!).

My dream is to run a business where all I do all day is market it! Attending expos, shows, doing videos, writing blogs…all about my business…whilst other people actually run it. Sounds awesome, right?!

Get your content creation mojo back

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