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You can read all about my experience below, but the best way to get to know me is to connect with me on social media.

I create regular content, including videos, packed with hints, tips and useful resources. I also love to share posts from my own clients and fellow independent businesses – so connect with me and let’s support each other.

My experience

I have a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Oxford

For 6 years, I worked for international academic publisher, Palgrave Macmillan, as a commissioning editor

At Oxford University Press, I worked in the Dictionaries Department, both in house and as a freelancer

I have run my own business for 6 years

I have written and edited:

blog posts
social media posts

A lifetime of language

I am obsessed with the English language – its diversity, its ever-changing nature and its power to influence – and have been since I was 15.

English Language A-level uncovered the ‘science of language’ for me – the psychology of it. The structure behind grammar. The subtleties of word choice.

I did my undergraduate degree at Cardiff University, focusing not only on grammar and semantics, but also learning about communication and psychology of language. I then read Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition at Oxford University for my Masters degree. The course made me see language learning and English from a completely different perspective.

Kate Llewellyn The Content Consultancy Langauge Lover

My first publishing job was for Oxford University Press, working for the actual Oxford English Dictionary – it was a dream come true! I could call myself a lexicographer! Over the years, I have regularly freelanced for the Dictionaries department and love working in such ‘minute detail’ with individual words.

My next step in my career in book publishing was working for Palgrave Macmillan as a Commissioning Editor for social science textbooks. I adore books (unsurprisingly) and the production of a book is the most amazing process. I am proud to still be a Development Editor, reviewing and editing books, for Practical Inspiration Publishing, set up by ex-colleague and super human, Alison Jones.

If you have a ‘book in you’ and would like advice, do let me know.

Content matters. Create meticulously.

My passion lies with the power of word choice and how this expertise can make a true difference to digital marketing.

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