Asked Questions

I might not be an expert in your field but I am an expert in writing and adopting a style and tone.

You bring the expertise and alongside my own research, we will create content that works hard for your business.

Let's create something amazing!

I pride myself on getting to know my clients' businesses well before I start any project or support. 

I feel it is really important that we speak on the phone and that I get to know what matters to you. Importantly, I also like to get to know who your ideal client is, so that I can write copy that will engage them.

I will also do research in your area of business to help with my copywriting. 

Before I start any project, we will have a discussion about exactly what your expectations are and what you would like me to deliver.

I am also happy to provide sample content.

I allow for one round of feedback and edits for everything I create.

Please do not worry about asking questions or suggesting changes. However, it is also important to me that I can explain my choices. For everything I write, I always have a good reason for my structure, choice of words and aims for the content, drawing on my extensive expertise.

Absolutely! I am very happy to edit content, as well as offering a full writing service. Please just contact me regarding prices.

I use tracked changes so that you can see any edits, and can also offer comments and questions for you to think about, to enhance your writing further.

From my experience in academic publishing and as a development editor for Practical Inspiration Publishing, I continue to thoroughly enjoy working on books.

However, I only work on business, health and well-being texts at this time (I have little experience in fiction and children's books). 

My services are also limited to a development edit. This means I will read your text and offer comments and a full written report on what I think of it and how it can be improved. Unfortunately, I can not offer proofreading or typesetting services as I wish to remain focussed on copywriting and creating content for digital marketing.

If you are keen to write a book and would like to talk to me, I am always happy to have a chat and share my experiences and understanding of the publishing world! Simply book a call.

These are completely flexible. The whole point is that you pay a regular monthly fee so that you have your very own copywriter!

We can work out together what exactly you need and in what quantity. I also understand that your needs and my area of focus may vary from month-to-month. This is fine too! 

One big advantage of monthly support is that I will put together a content strategy and plan for you.

This means that all of your content will have more cohesion, be easy to repurpose and you will have everything to hand in advance. more late night blog writing and throwing together emails!

When creating digital marketing materials, it is essential to think about how people will find what you are writing. Therefore, search engine optimisation (SEO) is always at the forefront of my mind, whenever I am creating content for websites, new webpages, landing pages and sales pages, as well as blogs.

All of the latest research still suggests that quality content is one of the best SEO tools.

Furthermore, I will always research prominent keywords and search strings relevant to the website project or blog I am working on. I will also recommend opportunities for interlinks and external links, where relevant.

It depends what 'it' is, but as soon as I have a clear understanding of your content and copywriting needs I will give you an estimated return date of the first draft.

If you are working to a deadline, do let me know and I will do my best to accommodate it.

I have given a guidance on pricing on each of my Content Creation services pages, to help give you an idea of cost.

For every project, I am happy to put together a proposal and a quote, so that you know the cost from the outset, once I have a full understanding of your needs.

For a point of reference, according to the ProCopywriter's Survey 2020, the average day rate for a copywriter is £379. I hope from the prices I have given, you will see that I am very reasonable...and, importantly, I strive to give you excellent value.

Get in touch!

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“Kate has been helping me with different aspects of marketing...I am delighted with the results so far. I like her friendly approach, enthusiasm and sense of dedication. Definitely recommend!"

- Benedicte Pullen, Mosaïque Beauty

"Kate’s expertise in helping us organise our plans and targets for our marketing campaigns has increased awareness of our business and increased sales." 

– Alastar Briggs, Test Valley Golf Club

"Kate made every step easy and it was an absolute joy to work with her. She's also been super supportive since whenever I have a question about how to develop my website content."

- Jennifer Jones, Jennifer Jones Styling

"Kate is very thorough in her work, but much more than that she is helpful, caring, asks good questions and truly works with you not just for you. I would recommend her for any writing, content, creative needs you may have."

– Earl Robinson, Author

"Kate offers a superb service and her enthusiasm is truly infectious!...a very positive professional who I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend."

– Danny O'Keeffe, The Overton Garage