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Content Quick Wins

Coming up with content ideas can be “time-consuming” and “difficult”, but it doesn’t have to me. I have lots of different strategies to ensure you have a wealth of content ideas that are interconnected and consistent.

Using a monthly theme can certainly help, as can ensuring that you are ‘interconnecting’ your content by repurposing and reusing cornerstone content in your micro content creation. Learn more here:

Whenever you find yourself in a bit of a ‘dry spell’ or you are just looking for some helpful hints when completing your content calendar, here are 5 quick wins you can implement to inspire some content creation ideas.

1. Save don’t immediately share

It is so easy on social media, when you see something interesting or relevant to your business, to think “oooh I’ll share that to my page right now” – well, don’t always!

Firstly, is it the right time of day for your target audience? Probably not. Have you already published (or perhaps even scheduled) some posts already that day? Probably yes. Is it time relevant? Would it matter if was shared in a day’s/week’s/month’s time? Probably not. So, don’t waste this good bit of content.

On Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest, etc., you can save links and articles.  Facebook even has a filing system for saved items so you can create relevant files and group saved items together. This means when you are then creating your content, you can trawl through all of the exciting things you have saved and schedule them in then to reshare or use them for inspiration.

You can also keep a ‘notes’ section on your phone or computer saving ideas – articles, blog posts, things you’ve seen or heard. Save them up – assign them to most relevant times and use them to inspire you. Don’t just thoughtless shove and share!

2. Re-post and re-schedule

The wonderful thing about digital content marketing is that everything you create is recorded and stored. This means even if you aren’t the best at recording what posts, blogs, emails, etc., you’ve sent out, the platform or system you use will do it for you.

When you are struggling for content ideas…start scrolling! There are bound to be lots of items from your past content creation that you can re-use.

Good examples of social media posts that you can reuse again and again include:

  • Testimonials
  • Explanations about your services or products
  • Quotes / memes / gifs
  • Email sign up invitations
  • Blog post adverts
  • Information about your website / invitations to visit

Remember you can reuse old imagery with different captions and old captions with new imagery. You can also change the format of old content. For example, combine a number of posts / images into a slideshow video or a reel.


This is a fantastic acronym and stands for: ‘Create Once Publish Everywhere’.

I would slightly change this to ‘create once, promote everywhere’.

If you have written a blog – have you talked about it on social media recently? And not just the most recent post, but promote the fact you have a blog, and then also other past blog posts.

Similarly, if you have sent out a mailing list, have you told your social media followers that, recently? Have you redirected your subscribers to your website – home page or more specific pages?

Don’t be afraid to promote your content again and again…we all know that people’s inboxes are overflowing and that social media algorithms work against us, so there is no harm in promoting the same content again and again.

4. Testimonials and reviews

A testimonial, endorsement or review is one of the most powerful marketing attributes you have. Think about yourself, how often are you swayed by a good review – whether it is of a product, a service or a place? It is great to have them in the traditional places – such as Facebook or Google, but there’s no harm in using them to inspire further content.

Even if it is simply kind words in an email, be brave and ask the sender if you can reuse their words – be clear about how and where (and definitely ask first) – but then share it far and wide.

And don’t just share the words themselves, on social media, tell your followers how it made you feel. If you write a ‘diary’ type blog, make sure you mention it when it happens. And add it to your website. If you don’t have testimonials on your website…figure out where to add them, asap. Make them front and centre…not buried on a testimonials page, either.

So, many people forget how to make the most of their testimonials and yet they are great for inspiring content and so powerful for conversion.

5. Use the news

If you are ever really struggling for content, then turn to the news. TV news and online newspapers have loads of different sections – education, health, science, etc., – find the one most relevant to your business and see if there is a story which links to your profession. Use it to inspire a social media post, a blog post or an article in your next email campaign. It will make you look informed, knowledgeable and up-to-date.

You can also search on Google under the ‘news’ tab – this gives news stories from a massive load of sources, including news websites, but also more specialist magazine and journals.

Don’t forget to always check the date any article was published, who it is by and make sure you read the whole article and not just the headline or introductory paragraph. I wouldn’t want you to share anything controversial and, more importantly, the idea of this ‘quick win’ is to use the news story for inspiration and then your view. So don’t just share the article, give your opinion or thoughts on it too.

Consistent content ideas 

There you have just 5 top quick wins for content ideas …for more inspiration and to ensure you have a content plan that never leaves you floundering for ideas, join The Content Club – an online membership full to bursting with guidance and inspiration.

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