Interconnected Content Marketing

How interconnected content marketing works

I am really passionate about making sure content marketing is cohesive across all of the platforms you choose to use.

In the video below, I explain exactly what I mean by interconnected content marketing and how by using your cornerstone content alongside a monthly theme, it helps to dictate all of the other marketing and advertising you choose to do.

Interconnected content marketing – Video content

00:00 – Introduction to the concept of interconnected content marketing (ICM)

00:48 – Using your overall strategy and specific monthly goal to dictate your monthly theme

02:19 – Creating cornerstone content based around your monthly theme

03:22 – Using your shorter ‘shelf life’ marketing platforms, i.e. social media, to advertise your cornerstone content, alongside other content related to your monthly themes

04:16 – How to use your email marketing to advertise your cornerstone content and other theme-related content

05:18 – Summary of how ICM works hard for your business

Want more help with your ICM?

The interconnected content marketing approach works really well if you have a series of goals and an associated monthly theme. If you need help getting to that starting point, book a discovery call and come and join us in The Content Club for just £10 per month. We have lots of resources to help you.

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