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The power of discussion

Have you ever got stuck on something for days and then after a 5 minute conversation with friend or colleague all becomes clear?

This happens so often with my clients and their content ideas. They come to me saying they have ‘nothing to say’ and yet after chatting for a while about their business, we uncover so many topics and ideas, they struggle to know what to start sharing first!

It can feel impossible to come up with continuous content ideas but through regular discussions with your teams, clients or a content consultant, you can make it really easy!

What happens when you talk about your business….

…to your team/colleague

If you have a business partner, a team or someone that knows your business well (even a competitor!) then speak to them about the content you share.

Ask them to be honest about what they think about it. If you can, take some time to look through past blogs, videos, current webpages and recent social media posts together. Ask for their input on future topics, as well as what you have spoken about before, that could do with more explanation or highlighting again.

Depending on the size of your business, you may ask various departments to give their input.

Discussing your business with ‘stakeholders’ in this way does two things – firstly, it uncovers topics that you may not have even thought about. Secondly, it enables you to remind people of the content, platforms and marketing you are doing. You can remind people to follow the company pages and updates to help increase engagement and to look out for posts or that they have directly influenced thanks to their helpful suggestions.

…to your clients

We so often think of clients as the “audience we have to provide content to” and we look for their engagement, but why not actually ask them for ideas?

This does not have to be on a public post, as this may not be appropriate, but if you have a few loyal clients and follower, why not see if you can book in a call and ask them what they think about your content? Do they see your posts regularly? Do they think the content reflects their experience of your business? Is there anything they didn’t know about that would be useful to share?

…to a complete stranger (aka a content consultant)

Speaking to a complete stranger about your business can be incredibly powerful. I am always amazed at how I uncover so much of what is “sooo obvious to the business owner” but “soooo interesting to me” – yet they never share it in their content.

It’s hard to market your business when you work so hard “in it” all of the time and I know, more than most, how content creation is so often an extra headache you don’t have time for.

A ‘complete stranger’ will ask all of those important questions! Importantly, they will give you an amazing insight in to what your content says about your business and how it is portrayed to an ‘outsider’. They will help you to assess your content and identify gaps. They are a fresh pair of eyes that will remind you how much you have to offer and how many content ideas are there ready and willing to become powerful posts, videos, blogs, website updates…etc…etc…etc…!

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