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Values – the importance of writing them down

I took such an interesting course at the beginning of January - it was about 'Purpose Mapping' and discovering what your purpose is and actually identifying the values that are most important to you both in business, but also in your personal life. The course was run 'online' via a Zoom call, so it was… Continue reading Values – the importance of writing them down

Writing for Business

Clash! Boom! Wallop! – Innovative Content Ideas

The hardest thing about creating content is making it interesting...and not following the crowd. I often give my Blog Starter trainees the tip of using things like national days or events, as well a 'celebration times' (like Christmas, Easter, Valentine's, etc.) to help create relevant content, which is likely to be trending. However, I am… Continue reading Clash! Boom! Wallop! – Innovative Content Ideas

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Content Marketing Trends for 2019

Oh wow…I have really missed blogging! I have been doing lots of other bits and pieces behind the scenes…including setting up a You Tube channel (...eek! will let you know when all is ready to be seen!)..but I have really missed my regular writing! However, I am back and raring to go for 2019. I… Continue reading Content Marketing Trends for 2019