Some blog topic inspiration…

Hands up...who is struggling with their blog content? Who is struggling to come up with ideas? Who isn't sure what to write about next? Oh, it is one of the joys of the 'content treadmill'! However, the favourite bit of my job is coming up with ideas. I love inspiring people to get excited about… Continue reading Some blog topic inspiration…


8 Email subject lines that work

I don't often blow my own trumpet but I have been focussing on some new approaches to the newsletters and emails I send out for my clients via Mailchimp and I've become a little obsessed with seeing an improvement in the open rate! I have spent quite a bit of time simply looking at the… Continue reading 8 Email subject lines that work

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Too busy to do marketing

A lovely client asked me why I bother advertising when I am so busy. She is also a sole trader and is really busy with plenty of clients. She keeps telling me that she doesn't have the time and, importantly, the inclination to create social media posts when she is: a) busy, b) doesn't need… Continue reading Too busy to do marketing

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What to say in a Live video?

Just about anything! It is not about what you say so much as deciding why you are going to say it. What is your purpose? Why are you going to start doing 'Live videos? Which sales target, marketing objective or goal are they going to help you reach? My first tip is not to worry… Continue reading What to say in a Live video?


What makes a good website? 8 things to think about

If you don't have a website or are thinking about having your own redesigned, what do you need to consider? It is really important to do some research before you decide what you want and need. It's a bit like decorating a room - you need to do get some inspiration, look around at ideas,… Continue reading What makes a good website? 8 things to think about

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5 steps to telling your story

We hear so often that content marketing is "all about sharing a story". It sounds appealing in principle...but how? And what 'stories' should you be sharing??? I have done a little research and below you'll find 5 ideas to help you start shaping some stories to help your marketing to be a little more engaging… Continue reading 5 steps to telling your story

Tips and advice

Say it loud and proud

I find the hardest thing to convey when discussing content is how important it is to say the most obvious things about your business and tell people why you are saying it. People forget that it is the basic details which are necessary to say loud and clear...and again and again! I am here to… Continue reading Say it loud and proud


Lower your bounce rate – keeping visitors on your website

Your website is your 'shop' - it is where you want clients to explore your business, to learn more about you and all that you have to offer. You don't want people to 'peer in the window' and then scarper! So, how do you keep people on your website for longer? Actual website design and… Continue reading Lower your bounce rate – keeping visitors on your website

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Failing miserably…but doing something about it

I have to admit that I am failing miserably with my blogging over this last month! I talk a lot to my clients about having 'back up' blog post; about planning your time; scheduling writing time and about consistently publishing blogs with regularity. And what have I done? ...well, none of what I preach. I… Continue reading Failing miserably…but doing something about it