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#Hashtags – where are you hanging out?

Who uses hashtags on a regular basis? I am going to focus on their use very generally across social media and give you a brief overview of how they work and how they can work harder for your business and social media copy. Don't forget about tags for your blog too...but I'll discuss that another… Continue reading #Hashtags – where are you hanging out?


Some blog topic inspiration…

Hands up...who is struggling with their blog content? Who is struggling to come up with ideas? Who isn't sure what to write about next? Oh, it is one of the joys of the 'content treadmill'! However, the favourite bit of my job is coming up with ideas. I love inspiring people to get excited about… Continue reading Some blog topic inspiration…

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Can reading other blogs makes you a better blogger?

There is a really short answer to this question - yes! Or the slightly longer answer - absolutely! I love to read (unsurprisingly!) and just like the oft repeated tips for becoming a better author, should you wish to write your own book, the best way to become a better writer is to read more.… Continue reading Can reading other blogs makes you a better blogger?

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3 Ways To Get Your Blog Noticed

It breaks my heart when I hear about the amount of people that are blogging but I don't know anything about it. I speak to small business owners and I hear about how they have been blogging for months, but even though I follow their social media accounts and subscribe to their email marketing...I still… Continue reading 3 Ways To Get Your Blog Noticed

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Failing miserably…but doing something about it

I have to admit that I am failing miserably with my blogging over this last month! I talk a lot to my clients about having 'back up' blog post; about planning your time; scheduling writing time and about consistently publishing blogs with regularity. And what have I done? ...well, none of what I preach. I… Continue reading Failing miserably…but doing something about it


Hurdles to Blogging #13 – I have no idea when to publish my blogs?!

It is easy to get totally obsessed with 'optimum' time when it comes to publishing anything...and, in particular, anything digital, including social media posts and sending out marketing emails. Do not let the thought of this put you off blogging, however! There is tons of research of the perfect time to post, but at the… Continue reading Hurdles to Blogging #13 – I have no idea when to publish my blogs?!

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Content Marketing Trends for 2019

Oh wow…I have really missed blogging! I have been doing lots of other bits and pieces behind the scenes…including setting up a You Tube channel (...eek! will let you know when all is ready to be seen!)..but I have really missed my regular writing! However, I am back and raring to go for 2019. I… Continue reading Content Marketing Trends for 2019


Have some self-respect! – A blogger’s golden rule 

I was watching children’s TV show the other day, with my son, and the episode of the programme we were watching was entitled ‘self-respect’. First of all, I thought it sounded a little harsh telling kids to 'have self-respect!', but I soon realised that it was actually talking about teaching children to have ‘respect for… Continue reading Have some self-respect! – A blogger’s golden rule