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Marketing Tactics for 2019

A list of marketing tactics is essential for those times when you are feeling at a loss. As part of your business plan, you should list lots of ideas, tactics and strategies that you can use, that you can call upon, when you are planning a promotion, when sales are low or when you are… Continue reading Marketing Tactics for 2019

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Enjoying the content treadmill – social media ideas

Whether you are a blogger, sole trader or SME, it can seem that all you are told to do these days is to create content. Content is king. Regular content is essential. Content…content…content… It is exhausting and can be mind-numbing. You are told to engage your followers, your readers, your clients…but how? How can you… Continue reading Enjoying the content treadmill – social media ideas

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Catch their eye – Writing good headings

Headings are so important in the digital age. We all 'scan read' nowadays, taking a quick glance through the text in front of us. We give a website, an email, or blog post a quick skim over, a quick scroll up and down, before deciding whether to take a closer look. Our need for information… Continue reading Catch their eye – Writing good headings

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3 Quick Wins for SEO

Whenever I talk to people about a website, SEO or ‘search engine optimisation’ still seems to be one of the primary concerns. When building a website, it is definitely worth consideration and I would highly recommend speaking to a web expert and experienced designer about the technical things you can do to optimise your website… Continue reading 3 Quick Wins for SEO

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GDPR, Privacy Policies and Plain English

As you probably know (unless you have been living in a bunker or are lucky enough to reside outside the EU!), the new data protection regulations come in to force on Friday 25th May. The General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") aims to give people more control over their data to ensure they know when it… Continue reading GDPR, Privacy Policies and Plain English