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5,4,3,2,1…Using Content to Launch

Whether it is a new blog, service, product, package, newsletter, location, opening hours...I could go need to create a powerful content plan to 'launch', whatever is new with your business. I see too many small businesses offering something really new and exciting, but there is no build up - it just suddenly appears on… Continue reading 5,4,3,2,1…Using Content to Launch

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Why is blogging good for business?

10 reasons why... I could have written a lot more than 10...but I've put in the ones I think are most important and will resonate with small business owners. Blogging is time consuming and it is a commitment, but really had a lot of advantages and can be a keystone of your digital marketing strategy...and… Continue reading Why is blogging good for business?


Some blog topic inspiration…

Hands up...who is struggling with their blog content? Who is struggling to come up with ideas? Who isn't sure what to write about next? Oh, it is one of the joys of the 'content treadmill'! However, the favourite bit of my job is coming up with ideas. I love inspiring people to get excited about… Continue reading Some blog topic inspiration…

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Hurdles to Blogging #14 – I don’t get why I need categories!

I am back with another addition to my Hurdles to Blogging series - find them, amongst others, in the Blogging Category section of my website. I am amazed at the amount of bloggers who don't take advantage of the function of categories. Firstly, let me assure you that categories are your best friend when it… Continue reading Hurdles to Blogging #14 – I don’t get why I need categories!

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Can reading other blogs makes you a better blogger?

There is a really short answer to this question - yes! Or the slightly longer answer - absolutely! I love to read (unsurprisingly!) and just like the oft repeated tips for becoming a better author, should you wish to write your own book, the best way to become a better writer is to read more.… Continue reading Can reading other blogs makes you a better blogger?


Guest Blogs – Don’t write it all yourself!

Ever thought of getting someone to write you a guest blog post? It may seem a lot of effort. You may not know where to start. However, getting someone to write a blog post for your blog can save you time (because you don’t have to write something!) and can also really enrich your offering.… Continue reading Guest Blogs – Don’t write it all yourself!