Tips and advice

Creating Content with your Kids

If you have children at home with you, you may feel you have hardly any time to create content, whether it is a blog post or just a few social media posts. Have you considered getting them involved with helping you to create content? If you have teenagers in the house then you have a… Continue reading Creating Content with your Kids

Writing for Business

Take a step back from your content

I'm all about content. I love creating content. I love coming up with new ideas. I love the consistency you need to apply. However, sometimes, it is really important to take a step back and truly assess your output. I have written this short blog post to remind you to take time out and to… Continue reading Take a step back from your content

Tips and advice

Carry on creating content just as you are …

I find new year's resolutions...and "new year - new you" type content completely and utterly overwhelming and demoralising. I am all for evaluating and analysing. I agree with trying new things and setting  goals...but why right now?! Is this the best time for YOU? It seems very much a small business trait that there… Continue reading Carry on creating content just as you are …