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I have had a great response to a couple of social media posts and my last blog post which focussed on being happy and loving what you do!

Therefore, in this post, I want to encourage you to not only DO exactly that, but also share what you love doing via a blog!

Write about what you find interesting

If you run a business, hopefully, you find it interesting!!! So, start a blog and tell more people about it and why it is interesting and something they should be interested in too. A blog is a great way to answer your clients’ questions and to solve their problems…even ones they don’t even know they have!

A lot of people now type questions directly in to search engines or ask smart speakers – so think about how your blog can answer these questions. You may even get featured in ‘position zero’ – which is the result on Google which shows a snippet of a website that answers a question. There are so many things when we run a business that we take for granted that a lot of people just do not know about and want to know.

Many people are very ‘conscious’ purchasers now, so understanding how something is made or produced or how you will approach a particulate service (in your unique way), it really important to share. All of this can easily be answered via a blog post.

Write about what you are passionate about

You are never going to keep up with blogging regularly if you find it a bore or a drag. So, focus your blog around something that you find interesting and are passionate about.

What floats your boat? Why did you start your business? What makes you get up in the morning?! Share these things!

People buy from people and writing about what you are passionate about in a blog communicates this. Everyone’s businesses are unique because of the person running it and the values they instil in the business. Getting this across in a blog post helps your potential clients to better understand you and see if they can buy in to what you have to offer.

Write about what you know about it

This may sound like the most obvious thing to write about…but it can also be the hardest! Remember that what you know about and what you may think is obvious and ‘everyday’ to you…is not to many of your clients. People are essentially nosy and they love to learn about the ‘ins and outs’ of a business, the thinking behind ideas and new concepts and the processes that you do without even thinking.

Consider writing introductions, news items, demonstration, step-by-step guides…the list is endless. Read more about different types of blog post here.

Write about what you want to learn about

This is my favourite type of blog posts…when I know a little about something, but not enough to make it a whole, full-length post, then it is time to do some of my own research, to broaden my knowledge base. I always believe that if I can do some research, analyse it and then write up a whole post about it, then it must mean that I have truly digested the information and understand it.

It is great to learn about new areas that I can incorporate into my services and to help my clients. All of professions develop and change of a regular basis. Whatever the latest trend ‘this season’ or the best advice ‘now’ won’t be in a few months time – so keep up-to-date.

Don’t be afraid to stretch yourself. The reason you are passionate about your business is probably because you want it to be the best it can be. It is really important that you are willing to continue to read and learn more about your profession, to understand the latest developments and to ensure that you are keeping up with the latest advice.

Let’s get your blog started

My favourite thing about my Blog Starter package is getting to the bottom of what my workshop attendees are most passionate about and highlighting all of the wonderful things that they take for granted that would make perfect blog post content.

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