Content Marketing Pathway

online course


Lesson 1 - Consistency

Exercise 1  - Next week commit to posting every day on your chosen social media platform and see what a difference the consistent posting makes to your reach.

Remember to offer a good variety of content.

Lesson 2 - Visibility

Exercise 2 - Look at your current analytics and see if you can identify any trends about when is the best time to reach your followers and subscribers. Identify if there is a certain time of day or a day of the week which is best. Then, test it!

Lesson 3 - Engagement

Exercise 3 - Take some time to think about some good 'calls to action' (CTA). Make a list of direct ones and more indirect nurturing ones on the worksheet. Click the button, download and print the PDF below:

Lesson 4 - Leads

Exercise 4 - Note down all of the places you could find leads - names of people who are showing an interest in your business.

Download a full guide to identifying leads below.

Lesson 5 - Sales and Analysis

Exercise 5 - Think about your sales goals for this year. How can your content marketing help you to achieve them?

For a copy of the Content Marketing Pathway, click the button below to download.