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5 Top Tips for Writing Engaging Content

This post was inspired by daughter. Tip 4 is actually her very own recommendation for you! I know how difficult it is to write content regularly and then you have the added pressure that it needs to be appear fresh and engaging too. So, as it is January and Blue Monday approaches (!), I thought… Continue reading 5 Top Tips for Writing Engaging Content

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Content Marketing Trends for 2019

Oh wow…I have really missed blogging! I have been doing lots of other bits and pieces behind the scenes…including setting up a You Tube channel (...eek! will let you know when all is ready to be seen!)..but I have really missed my regular writing! However, I am back and raring to go for 2019. I… Continue reading Content Marketing Trends for 2019

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Marketing Tactics for 2019

A list of marketing tactics is essential for those times when you are feeling at a loss. As part of your business plan, you should list lots of ideas, tactics and strategies that you can use, that you can call upon, when you are planning a promotion, when sales are low or when you are… Continue reading Marketing Tactics for 2019

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Email communication – a key part to your content strategy

Writing emails should be a key part of your content strategy. You mustn't forget to communicate with your ideal customer base across lots of different platforms and mediums. It is really important that you consider how often you will communicate with your customers/clients via email and it what ways. Are you going to send highly… Continue reading Email communication – a key part to your content strategy

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3 Quick Wins for SEO

Whenever I talk to people about a website, SEO or ‘search engine optimisation’ still seems to be one of the primary concerns. When building a website, it is definitely worth consideration and I would highly recommend speaking to a web expert and experienced designer about the technical things you can do to optimise your website… Continue reading 3 Quick Wins for SEO