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Content trends for 2022

Compelling content marketing trends to take a note of for the coming year

Whether it’s for SEO, for engaging new audiences or for bringing more excitement to your content creation, then let’s start thinking about what is good practice for 2022 and beyond.

Content for ‘Consumers’

Whether you call them clients, customers, participants or your target audience, in 2022, start writing content that your ‘people’ (!) can consume….and just want more and more of!

Help solve problems and offer value

It is important get people excited and ‘involved’ with your content. This is how trends are created and how viral content is born. People want to show that they are ‘part of something’.

It can be hard for a small business to create trends, but what you can do is help to solve people’s problems and offer real value. In turn, this is content that will be discussed and shared. It will also be returned to in those times of need.

You can do offer practical advice in great blogs, podcasts and videos, hosted on your website, as well as share them in email marketing and on social media.

Meet customer intent

I know we are going to focus on SEO next, but just an earlier reminder here that the algorithms for search engines have been working hard to decipher ‘customer intent’ . It tries to match the words used with what the person wants. A good example is if someone types in ‘Buy Christmas pudding’ – they want to actually purchase; whereas, if they type in ‘Best Christmas Puddings’, they want a review or top 5/best of type list.

So think about what your ideal customers or target audience need and what the intent would be behind that search and how this would lead to what you have to offer. Consider this for your website content particularly and make it really clear to any Google bots what you are doing or what intent you are meeting on that page. It will also help you rank better for future algorithm updates as the search engines strive to improve in this area.

Create some thing unique

You can’t do just do the same thing day in and day out. In 2022, it’s try to get innovative. I hate people feeling overwhelmed but it might worth spending time considering what different mediums you can bring in to your content marketing in 2022. Especially concentrate on (or get over your fear!) of video and audio content. There are lots of methods and techniques – it doesn’t have to be just you talking to camera…but start thinking diverse and find a method that works for you. You can’t rely on just words and pictures for much longer.

Content for SEO

We need to be found and via a search engine or search bar is really the only way, so clever keywords and thinking carefully about what is crawled and what ‘stands out’ to a search engine bot remains important.

Spend more time on your headlines or titles

I’m starting off super simple, partly because, it links really well with everything above – but start spending more time on your headlines for improving SEO. Page titles and H1 headlines or tags are still one of the first thing to be crawled and has a lot of ‘weight’ when it comes to SERPs/page ranking. It is so easy to write the headline first and then for the content to not quite match by the time you finish. This also applies to video titles on YouTube.

Social media posts should also have headlines – or a hook – so spending a bit of time thinking about these can help those ‘Read more’ clicks too.

Interlinking that makes sense

Anchor text, i.e. the words that used in a hyperlink, or the words used for a call to action button, for example, is also getting attention. So, in 2022, start thinking carefully about what you are writing to represent a link. The advice has been for a while that it is not good practice to link to something on a website, blog or from an email, without it being exactly clear where the reader is being sent, as it leads to higher bounce rate and also if you are linking somewhere unexpected it can make the visitor feel unsettled and trust is still really important for Google.

Make sure your link or anchor text, which is often underlined or in a different colour (if it is not a button) is very transparent and includes important keywords, if relevant…which nicely leads to another bit of good advice for 2022…which is makes sure that you only interlink from to a page or post if it is truly relevant…not just because!

On a website, interlinking is really important for helping keep visitors on your site or guiding them through a natural journey so do it wisely. Don’t mislead. Remember that ideally any website visitor should be able to ‘reach what they are looking for or wanting to do’ within 3 clicks, so again anchor text and button text needs to be clear.

Writing for voice search

I mentioned this in 2021 and it continues to grow – smart speakers and smart phones are used more and more for searching the internet. Without thinking, we spin round and shout at Alexa “Where is X?” or “Why does Y…?” or “How did Z?”. In 2022, therefore, we need to consider what language we use in “speech searches” that perhaps we wouldn’t if we were typing something in to a search engine.

Full questions are more natural and these can work well as headlines/titles for blogs and provide great inspiration for topics.

When the smart speaker replies they often provide a short summary – again where is this taken from….usually the opening paragraph or summary of the web page or blog post, so think carefully about what you include there.

Content for Sales

I am passionate about creating content that leads to sales, so what content trends can help with increasing conversion in 2022?

Be data driven

I’m not sure this is specific for 2022 but the advice is to make your plans and base your ideas by using the data you have to hand. Google Analytics and Google Search Engine Console are there to give you lots of guidance – stats on all kinds of things, as well as there being lots of other independent sites that can suggest hashtags, keywords, competitor analysis and more. All of the social media platforms offer data insights, as do the email marketing platforms. There must be a reason for this!

You can no longer ignore it and stick your head in the sand…you are probably too busy…if so, use every moment you have to create content wisely by looking at what the numbers are telling you. Whether this is traffic to your site, social media platform popularity or content type engagement, it’s time to get smart with the data at your finger tips and use it to guide what you create so that it leads directly to sales. And track this! …you don’t have to fumble around in the dark!!!

Stick to the basics

Have you heard of the EAT acronym? For many years, Google has used Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness (EAT) as ways to evaluate website content. I still believe that these basic values are the best way to create content that sells and never more than in 2022.

By showing yourself to be an expert, by highlighting your authority (or perhaps knowledge or confidence, is a better term) in your area and be a trustworthy and trusted business (and showing this off) is still the best way to lead to engagement from the right people (your ideal customers), which in turn, with your quality products and services, will lead to sales.

Remember it all takes time and effort

It doesn’t matter what year it is…good quality content creation will take your time and your effort. We all know the difference between something thrown together vs something that has been carefully planned.

With both SEO and with content creation, you can’t rush it and expect great results. You also have to give things time; give new ideas or methods a chance, and then evaluate what’s working.

As traffic on social media gets busier, with more and more content being created, 2022 is a time when whatever you create needs focus, purpose and value. Create smarter not simply more.

Join me in The Content Club to ensure you are putting your effort in the right places or feel free to book a discovery call via my Calendly to start discussing how I can help. Any other questions, simply pop me an email: kate@thecontentconsultancy.com

Happy new year to all, when it arrives!

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