Blog ideas for product based businesses

Blog post ideas for product-based businesses

Do you have a product-based business? Do you struggle to know what to share in a blog post? What to write about?

It can seem like service-based businesses have it easy when it comes to blogging – lots of advice and top tips to give – which perhaps you feel don’t lend themselves so well to your business. Well, let me change all of that with 10 blog post ideas for product-based businesses, that are ideal to get you sharing more and offering helpful information about your products.

10 blog post ideas to help you sell more products

1. Gift or product guides and lists

I know choosing between your products is probably like choosing between your children but offering ‘best of’ guides or ‘perfect for X’ suggestions are a great way to meet a common customer intent.

Let’s take a moment to discuss customer intent (also know as search intent). Google desperately tries to match a search term (what someone has typed in or asked a smart speaker/device) with not only the keywords but the intent behind those words. For example, if someone types “Best Christmas Hampers” then they are likely to be looking for a review or guide, i.e. a blog. Their intent was to do some research, get some ideas or suggestions. Whereas if someone types simply “Christmas Hampers” or “Buy Christmas Hampers”, they are more likely to want to go directly to a product page – their intent was to choose or buy.

Therefore, guides and ideas lists are really useful for meeting the intent of ‘ideation’ and gathering suggestions or recommendations are a powerful way to draw people in to your sales funnel from a slightly different direction.

2. ‘How to’ guides

Whether you make, buy or import your products, I am sure you are very proud of them and want every customer to get the most out of a purchase. ‘How to’ guides are a great form of blog post where you can go in to a lot of detail about a single product or a set of products and talk about how they can be used and/or how they can be looked after, as well as who they are for.

3. Grouping recommendations

Wouldn’t be wonderful if all of your customers bought more than one product at a time?! Help them to do this by making recommendations about what products go well together. Consider what occasions, events or themes would nicely suit a group of products.

4. Behind the scenes

People are nosy!!! …that’s why blogs work so well.

Tell people what you do and how you do it…without giving any business secrets away, of course! Take pictures, record videos and/or write a little step-by-step introduction to what you do and how. You can focus on individual products or take more of a “Day in the life of…” type approach

5. Supplier information

Do you have regular supplier or producers? Why don’t you introduce them to your blog readers? You can write it yourself or invite them to supply a guest blog.

It’s a great opportunity to build back links too, as you can link to each others’ websites.

6. Event diary blog

Do you attend fairs, markets, workshops or any other type of event? Why not write up a diary style blog post of how your day (or series of days) went. Planning to do this in advance is a good idea as it will prompt you to take lots of photos and, perhaps, some video, which you can also share on social media. If you interact with any other businesses, you can talk about them too.

7. Value based blogs

Even if you sell products, people still buy from ‘people’ – so why not share a bit more about yourself and your approach. This is really key if you are a maker or crafter….your potential customers want to know who they are entrusting to make something on their behalf, particularly if it is bespoke, personalised or personal.

A common value stance to share is to talk about sustainability guidelines or environmentally friendly approaches you have adopted.

You can also talk about what making and/or selling products means to you. Why you do it? Tell your story.

8. Expert information – Q&A

Show off your expertise and answer Frequently Asked Questions. You may have a FAQ page. You can always take a collection of questions and expand on them…or even take just one if there is a lot to say. Think about barriers to purchasing your products or expert information you may not have shared about individual products but you think those more choosy or picky buyers may be interested to learn.

9. Case studies or success stories

This is a great blog post for those who sell health, beauty and well-being products. Potential buyers want to see evidence of what works or how a product made someone feel. Do you have a client who would be happy to take pictures and share their experiences?

All product based businesses interact with someone so think about who in your ‘circle’ could share their story about buying your product. For those of you who make products, such as jewellery, I bet there are lots of people who have commissioned items that you have designed and made – find out their story. What was the reason for their purchase? You can find out some fascinating stories that I am sure some customers will be happy for you to share.

10. Free resources

I often talk about a blog ‘adding value’ to your business. So, think about what you can offer in addition. For those of you who sell food products, could you offer recipes or pairing advice?

For those of you who offer crafts or make items, could you do a ‘simple version’ and offer free instruction for someone to ‘have a go themselves’.

For those of you who have items with good longevity, such as candles or jewellery, can you offer downloadable care instructions?

Time to get blogging about your products

Blog posts are such a great addition to any e-commerce website. You can send them out to your mailing list and share them on social media. They are lovely way to “invite customers in” to your virtual shop without sending them directly to a purchasing page.

If you haven’t started blogging yet, but would be keen to get started, speak to me about my Blog Starter 1-2-1 Training from £75. Email

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  1. Gaynor Francis on November 12, 2021 at 7:59 am

    Thanks for the tips Kate. Great Blog

    • contentconsultant on November 12, 2021 at 8:10 am

      Thanks Gaynor – I strive to offer content my readers can actually implement. So hope you find it useful.

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