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Launching The Content Club

I am so excited to have launched The Content Club!

The Content Club from The Content Consultancy aims to offer a collaborative membership space where small business owners can get support, inspiration and guidance on how to create content that is engaging, make their marketing more effective and be accountable for the success of their strategies.

Below, I’ve answered some questions to hopefully give you a real insight in to what you can expect from the club.

Introducing The Content Club logo – The thought bubble aims to represent ideas and inspiration, whilst the speech bubble represents collaboration and discussion

Q. Who is The Content Club for?

Business owners who want to feel inspired by their content again and need help ensuring their marketing works hard for their business, increasing engagement and sales. It can help those who do their own digital marketing, as well as businesses who want to guide those they outsource too.

The Content Club is also perfect for virtual assistants, personal assistants and fellow marketing services providers, such as social media managers, who are looking for inspiration for their own business content creation, as well as those of their client.

Q. How will The Content Club work?

The Content Club is an online membership. You will have access to a membership website – with your own username and log-in, ensuring the resources remain exclusive to members. There will also be a private Facebook group. This is accessible only by paid up members, and also Guest Experts (for a limited time).

Any interviews or group discussions will take place via video call. You will be able to join these live or they will be recorded and placed within the membership website for you to access at any time.

Q. What can I expect in The Content Club?

The aim is for The Content Club to grow as a community. I want input from members to make it as useful and collaborative as possible. At the outset, the membership will include:

  • Monthly guest expert interviews – each month I will invite Guest Experts from a broad range of professions, covering a wide range of topics, including websites, social media, branding, design, video, business consultancy, PR and more. I’ll also be looking for professionals and business owners with really interesting experiences in marketing and content creation, including those who come from a corporate background or have done something really unique with their content. All interviews will be approximately 30 minutes long. Members are welcome to submit questions beforehand and join in the Q&A section at the end. The interviews will be recorded for members to catch later and access any time going forward, from within The Content Club membership site. I’ll also ‘label’ them, giving a clear guide, using time stamps, so that you can access sections most useful to you.
  • Monthly group discussion sessions – each month I will lead a group discussion focussed on a particular area of content creation and/or ideas for upcoming months, to help with planning and inspiration for content, as well as encouraging the group to reflect on what is working or what they would like to try. I will also point members towards useful resources. Again, these will be recorded and the content detailed to make them as useful as possible. They will also be available at all times within the membership site.
  • A private Facebook group – I have set up a private Facebook group to allow members of The Content Club to collaborate. You can discuss your ideas and share content with other members. There will also be reminders about our live sessions and guest expert interviews. All Guest Experts (if they are not Content Club members anyway) will be given a month’s access to the group so that they and members can also interact.
  • Exclusive resources, templates or downloads – I aim to grow the membership site as a portal for you to access all kinds of resources – a whole library full (I love a library!!). There won’t be loads to start with but it will grow and as inaugural members you’ll be the first to benefit from these. I’m open to suggestions so that you can get resources specifically to help you.
  • Free 1:1 Power Hour (worth £65) – I am offering all members that sign up in October a free Power Hour. 60 minutes with me to either focus on a particular element of your marketing, such as your website, or a broader overview to give you ideas going forward.

Q. Why should I join The Content Club?

If you are bored or fed up with creating content, The Content Club is for you.

If you want fresh ideas and motivation for your digital marketing, The Content Club is for you.

If you can’t afford to outsource but want some support and inspiration, The Content Club is for you.

If you outsource but struggle with strategy and planning, The Content Club is for you.

If you want to be more accountable for the success of your marketing, The Content Club is for you.

I hope The Content Club will act as a kind of marketing team – offering ideas, guidance and support. My role is to act as a ‘sales director’, a ‘head of department, or perhaps an ‘imaginary shareholder’ – I will be here to not only suggest ideas and give advice, but to ask tough questions about your marketing. Making sure that what you are putting time and effort into, when it comes to content creation, is working hard for your business and getting results.

Q. How much will The Content Club cost?

The introductory price is just £10 per month – this is to reflect the limited resources and videos at this time. I don’t want it to become unaffordable as this is about helping small business owners to help themselves and ultimately help their own clients. The Content Club is about building a community and sharing ideas, with my support.

The price will increase, but as a founding member, it will stay the same for those who join now, for at least 12 months.

Q. Where do I sign up? And how?

You can sign up directly by following this link:

You are welcome to register and sign up directly to have instant access to the membership site. I will also give you access to the private Facebook group within 48 hours.

The Content Club … join us!

I really cannot wait to see the club grow. I am committed to working hard to make this a real community that adds value. If you have any further questions or concerns, just give me a shout. Email

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