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I find new year…new year’s resolutions…and “new year – new you” type content completely and utterly overwhelming and demoralising. I am all for evaluating and analysing. I agree with trying new things and setting  goals…but why right now?! Is this the best time for YOU?

It seems very much a small business trait that there is a huge amount of pressure to ‘reinvent’ yourself in January…but what if things are going well? Or what if January is a super busy month? Or what if you just don’t feel like it? Then that is ABSOLUTELY FINE!

I have also found that my most productive time for planning is the summer and the best time for goal setting is April…the beginning of the new tax year in the UK. It’s when I have time to focus on my finances. It’s the time I reflect on my earning from the previous year. It is when I look at my goals and see how I am doing. And it’s when I can properly compare my forecasts. April for me is a good month! I still have plenty of time before the summer lull. I can reflect on the first quarter of a new year and I can make adjustments with plenty of time until the end of the year and my crazy September-February period.

What I am saying is choose a time to ‘reinvent’, ‘plan’ and have a strategic focus when best suits you.

Are things going well?

Too often in business we focus on the negative or always wanting more…more clients, more sales…more money! That’s great but how about enjoying things. Look at what is going well and if you are happy with your marketing; if you are seeing good results; if your client numbers are rising steadily; if you are active – then congratulate yourself and keep doing it. Don’t feel pressured to try something for the sake of it.

In a world of social media, it is so easy to compare ourselves with other businesses constantly. I am all for competitor research, but don’t let it dictate how you run your business. Consider why you competitors feel compelled to try something new, up their marketing spend or offer a brand new product…then go back and focus on you.

Focus for 2020

Funnily enough, my word for 2020 is ‘focus’. I am going to focus on me and my business and essentially what makes me feel happy and successful. And not coming up with New Year marketing campaigns is one of them!

So this is a short and sweet post to kick off 2020 and say remember, amongst all the ‘noise’, to focus on you and do what it right for your business. 

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