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End of year musings – time to wrap up 2019

This has been my last week of work before the Christmas holidays and so I thought I would share some thoughts on how I have used my time this week and how I plan to spend the holidays with regards my business and content creation.

Schedule some posts

If you are having some time off during the festive holiday, it is still a good idea to schedule some social media posts to post automatically during the holidays. You can schedule directly via Facebook or you’ll need a third party tool such as Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule across Instagram and LinkedIn.

I will schedule a nice Christmas wish and New Year post. I’ll also start drip feeding my January offers. If you are planning a January sale or offer, new year is a key selling time for you, but make sure you are prepared before you ‘clock off’ for the holidays. No one wants to return to work on the 2nd with a huge pile of urgent content to create. You’ll probably feel lethargic and a little down after all the Christmas and New Year’s Eve excitement…so prepare now. 

At the very least, write a January to do list. It’s amazing how much you can forget, even after a little break…I also often feel totally unmotivated after wonderful family time. So write a good detailed to do list so that hard work is taken out of prioritising during the first week of January. Think about the most important tasks, as well as quick wins. What are your ‘must’ items for when you return to your desk? Making life as easy as possible will make your first day back as productive as possible. 

Put your out of office on

I recommend that you put an out of office email notice on now. Yep…even if you don’t finish working until Christmas eve (or even at all), still warn people that you are slowing down and there may be a delay in replying, or even that you may not reply at all until a certain date (after your leave). Warn people about your availability. Then, have another out of office drafted or scheduled for when you are ‘away’.

Although I recommend a complete break from being contacted, if you don’t feel comfortable with that it is ok to state that there may be a delay in replying or that you have limited access to emails. I often do this in the summer holidays. I do work but I know that I may not be as responsive or as quick in replying as I usually am, due to other commitments. It is so much better to be clear with people and align their expectations than either ignoring emails until your return…or worse… stressing g about getting a reply when you are meant to be enjoying yourself!

Plan some content…if you want to

If you are not working over the holidays for clients or opening a shop or office, you may want to spend some of this quieter time planning. I plan quarterly, generally, and so I’ll be polishing my Q1 (Jan-Mar) content schedule. I’ll also take an hour or two to assess my goals and start writing new ones. I do this over the Christmas hols because I find it quite interesting. It will be a nice task with a glass of wine, curled up on the sofa, in front of the fire, one evening next week! It does not have to be perfect…but it needs to be done and I’d rather “dress it up” as a bit of “me time”…working on my business rather than in my business during a time when I often feel happy and positive!

Write some content…if you want to

I love writing ‘spare’ blog posts when I am away on holiday. I am a big advocate for taking proper time off and having some time away from your business. However, blogging is something I enjoy. It is not chore and, actually, writing blogs when I am holiday is even more enjoyable because there is no deadline. They don’t gave to be perfect because essentially they are just drafts. And I can try exploring areas that I don’t usually write about because I have a bit more time to research and understand new areas of content marketing.

But let me remind you…you DO NOT have to! A holiday should be just that so absolutely only create content that you enjoy…if any! Perhaps you like designing pictures for posts or taking product photos…then go for it…but if you need a break…then take it!

Best wishes for 2020

Finally, and most importantly, I wish you all a very merry Christmas and best wishes for 2020 when it arrives. See you on the other side!

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