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Write your 2020 Content Mission Statement

Carrying on with my “getting ready for 2020 theme” (See my other two 2020 preparation blogs below), I wanted to speak to you about the importance of a Content Mission Statement

A mission statement for your business vs a mission statement for your content

Having a mission statement for your business is really important. It only has to be a few sentences to outline exactly what your company does and why, but it is so important for keeping you focussed and for helping you make decisions when opportuntiies come along. You can ask yourself – does this new opportunity or direction fit with my mission? Yes – go for it! …No – think it through further!

A mission statement should define your purpose and summarise exactly what you do. Hopefully, you have already done this for your business, so the next step is to write a mission statement for your 2020 content.

Define what you want the content you produce to do for your business and why. What will be its purpose? You can even write a sentence for each platform or tool (i.e. website, social media, email, print) but, at the very least, get something down that will help you focus on what you are trying to achieve throughout the year.

Why write a content mission statement?

A mission statement is all about focus. It helps you when feel lost to keep direction and provides motivation. We all know we should produce regular content for our marketing, but it is easy to forget the ‘why’. By defining what you want to do and how it will help your business, it can be a great motivator when you are faced with scheduling another week or month of Facebook posts…or getting started on your latest blog post!!!

Write a statement that is empowering and clear.

How to write a content mission statement

When writing your content mission statement, to start with, don’t over analyse things! Go with your gut feel. Ask yourself:

  • Why do I create content?
  • Why do I spend time on marketing?
  • Why do I look for certain pictures and write certain copy for different platforms?

Unfortunately, “Because I feel I should” is the not the right reason for any of above. Remember you need a statement which will motivate you in your hour of need.

Be selfish – ask yourself what is in it for you:

  • visibility
  • increasing sales
  • educating
  • entertaining
  • nurturing your clients
  • encouraging engagement. 

It will be a very personal reason. And you don’t have to share this statement with anyone! You may have a few reasons, and that’s ok, but think carefully about the order of the sentences. Rank them by what is more important to you.

What to do with a content mission statement

If you have a planner or spreadsheet that guides your content creation then write it down in there – somewhere visible.

If you have a business plan, write it in the marketing section in there.

If you set annual goals or objectives, write it near those so that you can see what is inspiring them and, ultimately, helping you to reach them.

Put it somewhere visible, whenever you are planning your content. You could add it to the monthly plan I have created – download from this blog here!

Once written, go back and evaluate it often. It shouldn’t be something you regularly change but use it when you feel bored or restless with your content. As mentioned above, it is a motivation tool. It is oft reported that creating content is seen as many small business owners’ hardest part of their jobs, so use your mission statement to make it a little easier.

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