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Hurdles to Blogging #15 – “I want to blog but never get round to it!”

I agonised for ages about the title of this hurdle…it is primarily about purpose. I speak to so many people who say that they would like to blog but it just never reaches the top of their ‘To do list’…it is never a priority.

You might find this a surprise, given what I do, but if this is the case, then I often say to people:

“then, don’t’ bother!”

…because blogging, is about passion and its about purpose. It is about wanting to do it because you know the reason and you enjoy the process. If you are running a small business and writing a blog will always just be a bore and a slog, then that will come through in your writing. If you can afford to outsource it, then great, as there are a billion great reasons to blog, but if you can’t…then don’t. Focus on elements of digital marketing that you enjoy and do them well and consistently.

However, if you are sitting on the fence…if you have done the odd post…or still feel keen but just nervous…then read on and let’s help convince you to start blogging regularly…

Finding your blog’s purpose

Your purpose is the most important starting point for a business blog. Answer: Why am I going to blog?

You have to think about this carefully as it is what will make you squeeze it in to your busy schedule. It is what you will refer back to and remind yourself of, when you just can’t be bothered or feel too busy.

Figure out ‘your why’ and the blog will slowly look after itself for many reasons. If you can find a reason to blog that is personal not just business related, then even better.

I blog because I love writing and I see it as a form of continual professional development. I like learning and thinking about new areas of content creation and so I use my blog as a way to encourage me to explore and analyse new topic areas. I always say, if I can write an 1000-word blog on the subject then I must understnad it. I love sharing knowledge I have taken the time to research, in an easily understandable way with my readers. All I want to do is make fellow business owners’ and bloggers’ lives a little bit easier. That is my purpose and it really does keep me going when I get super busy and blogging feels a little like a chore (although, gratefully, this is very rare!)

So, find your purpose. There are dozens of stats on how blogging helps drive traffic to your website and how it is good for your business. I will write a ‘Why blogging is good for your business’ blog soon, I promise! For now – take a look at this on Hubspot – . Just scanning the headings you’ll start to see good reasons to blog. One of my other favourite ‘purposes’ for blogging is its longevity. Most digital content I create will be ‘old’ in a week – social media posts will last on a feed for 3-5 days at most; an email perhaps a month and even website copy needs updating at least annually. Whereas people will still happily read blogs that are up to three years old…even longer, depending on the topic and the source.

I am not here to dictate to you what your purpose should be, however. You need to really think about why you want to blog; why it is part of your content marketing plan and how you can ensure it remains a priority and a consistent part of your output.

Make writing blogs a habit

If you can commit to a purpose and feel a little more assured about starting a blog and making the time to write regular posts, then my first piece of advice is to look for quick wins. Wirting a blog needs to become habit and the best way to start forming habits is to make small manageable changes.

Initially, I suggest starting a blog but not launching it for a little while. Give yourself some time to write two or three blogs first and go for quick wins, like simple introductions and topics you are very familair with.

If you are thinking about starting a blog now, I would encourage you to consider launching in the New Year, for example. January is the perfect time for a blog about something ‘new’ – new year – new you …or ‘time for change’…those kinds of things. Look for other written items you have – manuals or articles – that perhaps can easily be converted. This sense of winning, of having content ready to go, will make you feel much more positively about your blog and, hopefully, inspire lots of ideas for the future too. To make it habit, blog writing needs to be as far away from being a chore as possible.

What excites you?

What makes you happy? Writing a blog makes me happy – it is a little bit of ‘me time’ within my business. I am not writing on behalf of a client. I am writing for me. It doesn’t need to be perfect in the same way that I want content to be utter perfection for my client.

Furthermore, I write about topics that I genuinely find of interest. I write about things that have caught my attention and that I want to share with you. So, do that too. Choose a style and topics that excite, that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside…that make you feel proud of yourself and your business. If a ‘must create content’ task becomes something that makes you feel good then you will always have a fantastic reason to blog.

Need help finding your purpose?

I know that it can be hard to identify a purpose or reason to blog and to commit to it, in our busy lives…but what I love best about my Blog Starter trainings is that when I speak to people about their businesses there is always something that makes their eyes shine when they tell me about it. The main part of my training is to get people to talk, explore and analyse their business. It is the fibre of the business that a blog can draw out.

Let me help you figure out your passion…then let’s share it via a blog.

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