Failing miserably…but doing something about it

I have to admit that I am failing miserably with my blogging over this last month! I talk a lot to my clients about having ‘back up’ blog post; about planning your time; scheduling writing time and about consistently publishing blogs with regularity.

And what have I done? …well, none of what I preach. I have used up my spare blogs, I have not scheduled time to write and, here I am, on a Thursday evening, over 2 hours later than normal trying to cobble something together.

I thought about throwing some top tips down on something trivial but actually sharing my situation with you seems more relevant and also the thought processes I am going through about what I am actually going to do about it to make everything ok again!

There’s more to your business than blogging

I think blogging is brilliant and a fantastic tool for business. However, it is a marketing tool…and it is likely not to be the only one in your arsenal. Sometimes you have to weigh up everything on your ‘business to do list’ and it happens…blogging falls off the bottom.

That is exactly what has happened to me over the last 4 or 5 weeks…every time I went to sit and write my blog, an email, an extra request or something simply more important that I had forgotten to do ‘reared its head’. And, do you know what? As I sit here and reflect upon it – that’s ok! Instead of writing a blog, I have client whose website is nearly finished…I have money in my account because of the time I spent invoicing…I have some fresh leads because of the time I spent at networking…and I have learnt lots of new things (which will in fact make brilliant blogs!)…because I did some training sessions…instead of blog writing. That is where my time has gone…on other areas of my business.

However, I think blogging is an incredibly powerful tool and has actually been one of the main factors in growing my business, therefore it’s time to make space for it again, probably at the expense of other marketing activities perhaps, but that’s ok too.

In business, you can’t do everything all of the time…you can’t be everything to everyone all of the time. It is all about setting your priorities, evaluating what are the best options for you and making the most of the limited time we all have available.

Pressing pause

One of the things I have decided to do is to have a conscious two-week break from blogging…but, ironically, because I want to spend some time writing more blogs. I am going to fill my ‘just in case’, unpublished file of blogs. These are a set of blogs that vary from fully written, to half written, to detailed notes, to simple headings, which I can use when things get hectic and I am running short on time or a blog just can’t be a priority that week, due to other commitments.

I highly recommend everyone does this. Having spare blogs makes life so much easier. I don’t usually need to pause from publishing as I usually keep one or two blogs ready for the occasions when things get crazy, but even this resource has run out this time.

Everyone has quieter periods in their business year, so consider when yours is and try to write one or two extra blogs so that you have them to call upon when things get crazy…which we all know happens at times.

Topic ideas analysis

I love a bit of over analysis…I mean, analysis! I think one of my reasons that I have struggled to blog recently is that I haven’t been giving my list of topics enough attention. I always encourage my clients to keep an ongoing list of topics, either on their phones (in a memo) or in a diary/notebook, as inspiration really can strike anywhere and you don’t want to forget any ideas that pop in to your head. I have such a list, but I don’t think I have been paying attention enough to what is going on around me, with a view to turning it into a blog post, or actually making notes (rather than just a mental one and then instantly forgetting!) and adding to my list regularly enough. My current list just doesn’t fill me with inspiration.

With my opportunity to take a step back for a couple of weeks, I am going to kick start my blog topic inspiration and spend a bit of time analysing the 100 posts I have written. I want to consider which have worked well, which I can develop, which areas I have been neglecting, and which areas could benefit from some ‘depth’, involving some further research. There is always something to blog about…watch this space for some posts which will hopefully interest you.

Do comment below if you have any particular areas you struggle with or want to know more about.

I’ll be back…

So, there you have it…my honest account of why my blog is publishing late this week, why I have struggled to keep to my own advice and why all is not lost.

I’ll be back in two weeks with another post (and, hopefully, at least two ready and waiting when I need them!)

Have a great Easter break when it arrives.

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