Marketing Tactics for 2019

A list of marketing tactics is essential for those times when you are feeling at a loss. As part of your business plan, you should list lots of ideas, tactics and strategies that you can use, that you can call upon, when you are planning a promotion, when sales are low or when you are just looking for a fresh approach and a bit of motivation.

Below, I explain what a tactic is and offer 10 ideas of tactics you can use in your marketing in 2019.

What is a tactic?


A tactic is a marketing thing you can do to help promote a particular product or service, or your business as a whole.

It is not like a strategy which is more ‘overarching’ and has lots of elements and steps. Tactics are also not the same as marketing products which are physical items (such as leaflets or a website), although they are likely to form part of the tactic, to help you carry it out.

Tactics are ideas in many ways…they are actions… and, as mentioned above, they will help you when you are feeling a bit lost or need a bit of support to really make a product or service ‘fly’!

10 tactics for you to consider for your business

Promotion and special offers

It is always best to start with the obvious ones! One of the most effective marketing tactics is to offer some kind of ‘deal’, ‘discount’ or ‘special offer’. Everyone likes to feel like they are getting a bargain so consider what promotion you could offer. If you are going to offer a discount, make sure you have considered this in your costs and your pricing strategy. It is no good just picking a figure out the air (i.e. 10% off!).

Package deals

One of the best ways of helping to make your clients ‘buy more’ from you is to offer a deal when they purchase more than one thing at a time. This can be as simple as the famous ‘BOGOF’ (a horrendous acronym meaning ‘Buy one get one free’) deals you see in supermarkets. You may simply offer a small discount when two items are brought at the same time or free shipping over a certain amount. For services, paying up front for a certain number of hours or a collection of services or workshops can also be enticing.


Are you planning to offer a new service or product? Well don’t just stick it on your website or put out single social media post…consider the tactic of using a ‘launch’. This should have many phases, from a tease campaign, to a ‘coming soon’, to a big ‘it’s here’ which includes social media posts, blogs posts, special website buttons/landing pages or banners, as well as reminders following the launch. This could also be combined with a special introductory offer.


Think about how you are going to use the packaging, display or branding to help make your product or service memorable as well as enticing. As this is a tactic, it is not so much about the physical use of items but more about the ‘ideas’, the message, even the emotion you will convey when people think about a product or service of yours.


Thinking tactics you need to consider how you will use testimonials (a marketing product) or possibly, longer customer case studies, in effective ways. It is fantastic to get a 5* review on Facebook…but how are you going to use this in your promotions? Make a separate picture quoting from the review, for example. Or add the testimonial to your website, at the very least.

Get noticed by the Press

PR is good for any business so decide on a strategy to get you noticed in relevant press and media. Again, don’t stop there. Consider how you are going to use interviews or mentions in the Press in your marketing more broadly too.

Enter for awards

Awards are a wonderful marketing product you can shout about and (hopefully) one lots of other people will talk about for you. How do you get one? Well, firstly, you need to be nominated or nominate yourself…don’t be afraid to do so! It is very normal for small businesses (and big!) to nominate themselves. It is not about being big headed, it is about believing in yourself and your business and what you have to offer and telling the awards panel all about that.

Attend events

This is a great tactic when you are feeling like you need more exposure. It is really hard to get noticed on social media. It is really difficult to get your website appearing on Page 1 of Google. So, get out of the massive ocean for a bit and jump into a smaller pond! Attending events, either as an individual/delegate or as a stall holder is a great way to actually get out there and talk to actual human beings. Be engaging. Be brave. And remember what you are there to do…get your business known. What may follow is more likes on your social media pages from people who have met you and more traffic on your website when people go and investigate you a little further…so it will help the ‘massive ocean’ side of your marketing strategy too.

Update and refresh

Marketing is all about getting noticed and being memorable – sometimes there is a real need for something new to recapture clients’ attention. You won’t always have a brand new product or service to announce, so think about what you can show that is new and exciting. This may include a thorough update to your website, new headshots, new packaging design or new newsletter format. Picking an element and giving it a refresh is a great tactic.

Shock and surprise


This may be a controversial one but it is a highly effective marketing tactic. A shock tactic doesn’t have to be something negative (or illegal!), it is just something to get people talking about your business. It could be funny or interesting, more personal or unique. It can be a simple as a bit of scarcity marketing to ‘shock people’ in to action – for example, “Only 3 left” or “Bookings only available until X ” or “This price only until X” or “Price increase after X”. Something which makes people think, “…I must act now!”

More tactics coming soon…

This is just 10 very ‘general’ tactics that you can employ to help boost your sales. I have lots more specifically for social media, for your website and for your email marketing. So, follow my blog for more insights in to marketing tactics through your content creation soon…

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