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This is a lovely personal blog post to tell you all about the amazing training I did last week about ‘Content Strategy’ with Triiiple and the wonderful Lizzie Hodgson from Think Nation.

It was so amazing that I have actually decided to split it over two posts as I ended up writing over 1000 words in my first hit!

This first blog aims to tell you a bit about what content strategy means and what we did on the training. My second blog will explain the 5 key messages I have taken away from the training that I want to share with you and could help you too.

What does content strategy mean?

Our day started with some great discussion about what ‘content strategy’ actually means. After the training, I would define it as this:

Content = stuff…any written word…but also images and videos

Strategy = a planned/scheduled consistent message

So, content really is about anything that you put out about your business, whether it’s a blog post, website copy, newsletters, emails or social media posts and tweets.

Your strategy is making sure that whatever you say and wherever you say it has a similar “feeling” about it. All content should have a message or voice that suits your business and helps build your brand.

A strategy is also a plan. So that means thinking about not only what content you are planning to ‘publish’ but also when, how often and why.

Why I did the training

Another of the initial discussions was about why we had decided to do the training. I had the wonderful luxury of giving two reasons: 1) I wanted to learn about how the content I put out could be improved and made stronger and 2) I wanted to know how expanding my understanding of content strategy could help my clients by giving me more knowledge and resources, enabling me to not only write or edit on behalf a client, but to help them further by questioning why or how the copy I have been asked to work on supports an overall strategy.

I am grateful to be able to say I certainly feel my reasons for doing the course were completely justified and my own objectives were resoundingly met. It was 6 hours of interesting conversation with the trainer and my fellow participants, as well as the learning of so much. I was overwhelmed by the amount of advice and guidance that was available.

Key messages

I wanted to share with you some of the key takeaway messages from the training, but I am sorry this has to be a bit of teaser for another blog post, as otherwise this post will turn into a book!

We got through a lot in the training, both general and specific to our individual businesses. So far, these are the five things that have absolutely stuck with me and that I am keen to implement:

  • Do a content audit
  • Identify your target audience
  • Articulate your passion
  • Schedule and plan all output
  • COPE – create once, publish everywhere

All excellent ideas which you can implement too. I promise to be back to explain a little more.

Do the training yourself

If you are considering relaunching your business or starting up ‘more seriously’ then I would highly recommend this training before redoing or setting up your website and social media profiles.

Thanks again Triiple. I am truly inspired!


Image credit: me…but more importantly the amazing cakes from Overton’s Village Bakery which were delicious (along with the sandwiches too!)

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