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I promise this is my last post about my consultancy and the service, I offer!

I do hope they have been useful and interesting to some readers. I have to admit (selfishly!), they have been a great opportunity to reflect on the work I have done over my first six months in business. It just shows all the different benefits of blogging!

In order to ‘complete’ this little series, I thought I would wrap it up by just letting you know about a few other projects and tasks I have worked on…in case one of these may also be useful to you.

Once again, unsurprisingly, as with newsletters, websites and blogs, I can offer a very detailed editing service or more of an ‘overview’, offering development advice, for any kind of writing. See below for some of the recent writing projects I have worked on.


My first love will always be the development and editing of books and hence I am always delighted when I get an enquiry about helping someone with a book they are writing. My background is in academic textbooks and I am happy to share my knowledge of this ‘world’, as well as book publishing more generally, from what I have experienced. I can help with putting together a proposal, as well as editing and developing sample chapters. I can also edit a whole manuscript, if you would like a fresh pair of eyes. I love developing a text. If you want some thoughts on how to improve a text, what you could add and how to make it more consistent or accessible, then please let me know and I can discuss ways to help you.


You can’t beat getting back to writing copy for print media! Online advertising is definitely the future…but leaflets are certainly not the thing of the past! The copywriting for a leaflet is always a challenge I relish: getting down the important information; thinking about the order of the text; using microcopy and considering how to ‘future proof’ the words in case the leaflet is picked up some 2-3 years later after creation. As well as the words, I work with a fantastic designer, Barry Markham, through his creative studio, Hunta. Together, we can design and create your leaflet (or perhaps price list or menu??) to a high quality, but at really great value. Let me know what your needs are and I hope I can help.


My copywriting nightmare if I am honest…it’s the ‘short and sweet’ writing which is so so difficult. Fewer words means more problems if you ask me! I love the challenge though and when you come up with a tag line or edit the copy to really make it jump out at the reader, there is no better feeling. I really focus on ‘calls to action’ as well as the use of clear plain English and short attention-grabbing sentences. Whether it is for the local parish magazine or a paid Facebook advertisement, I would love to meet and help you come up with something really creative.


Profile writing is so important for so many of us, whether it is your personal Linkedin profile or the ‘About’ section on your Facebook page. Interestingly, I have had a number of requests about help with profile writing for a professional organisation’s directory. It can be such a struggle writing short descriptions (with maximum character lengths imposed). I love sitting with the client and working through ideas together…trying to write the same thing in lots of different ways to make them stand out from the rest. Talking through what makes them or their business unique is incredibly interesting. It is a lot of fun…although tough not always knowing the direct results!


This isn’t technically paid work I have done since setting up my business, but I have read numerous essays and assignments (as well as the odd dissertation or two!) over the years for friends and family. In most cases, I was not a subject specialist, but I can make sure the narrative flows, answers the essay questions and help with the framework, academic referencing (if appropriate) and suggesting additions or cuts…depending how you are going with the word count.

I can’t guarantee great results but I hope my support with checking clarity and content can only make the marker’s life easier and you feel happy with your work.

Ok, so that’s me and my consultancy, at the moment! If there is anything ‘editorial’ related that you would like me to help with, I am more than happy to expand my repertoire! Give me a shout!

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