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This is the next post in my series of ‘what do you do exactly?!?’ posts! Here, I am going to tell you a little bit more about how I can help you with your website.

As with everything I do, my ‘level’ of help is on a spectrum of ‘involvement’! I can simply take a read through your website and give it a little proof read, I can make suggestions for additions, analyse competitors and/or I can write the copy for your website in its entirety.

In this blog post, I want to talk about the advantages of getting an editor, like myself to help or at least have a look at your website and why.

  1. A fresh pair of eyes

The most difficult thing about creating content for your own website is that you can often focus on what you want to tell your clients rather than perhaps on what they want to know. It is so important to be customer focussed. You need to consider how easy it is for a new client to access information about your business, especially as for many of us our website is our ‘shop front’.

I can offer a completely fresh pair of eyes to take a look at your website. I can be your ‘first time visitor’ and I can ensure that essential information is included and, importantly, easy to find. I can play ‘devil’s advocate’ and also make sure your content is clear, relevant and inviting.

  1. Ease of navigation

The hardest thing I believe about designing a good website is making it user friendly and this usually revolves around making it really easy to navigate; making it logical to any and all visitors no matter how familiar (or not) they are with your company. I can consider some scenarios and see if I can navigate your website easily from the headings, links and array of pages and information you offer.

  1. Clarity of explanation

Another difficulty associated with writing copy for your website is that you are writing about a subject you are not only passionate about but overly familiar with! This is always dangerous when it comes to keeping copy clear and simple! I can help to identify jargon that ‘Joe Bloggs’ may not understand. I can help check that all explanations are clear and easy to understand, as well as the level of detail appropriate. I am happy to help with suggestions for rewording.

  1. Search engine optimisation (SEO)

I am not an SEO expert in any sense, but I am starting to understand that whilst never at the expense of clear, informative and engaging writing, keyword use is important. The use of links, metadata and alt text also play an important part. By analysing and reading through your website, I can make some suggestion to aid SEO.

  1. Regular additions suggestions

The best way to optimise your website and also make it a strong marketing tool is to make regular additions and updates, encouraging visitors to return. As a ‘fresh pair of eyes’, again, I can try to help suggest ways you can update your website regularly, such as using a news or spotlight feature. I can also help with starting and developing a blog, if you are interested.


So let’s work on your website together and make it a an excellent advert and ‘shop window’ for your business.

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