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I have been asked quite a lot recently about what I do and what I can help with. The truth is I am genuinely happy to discuss any “writing needs” you may have and will be completely open and honest about how I think I can help…or even if I don’t think I am the best person for the job!

I thought it may be useful to explain some of the tasks I help small businesses with, and, in particular, the sort of process I go through with them. In this post, I am going to discuss how I help clients with their newsletters. In future posts, I will cover website editing and blog writing too.

Editing newsletters

Sometimes businesses just want a ‘second pair of eyes’ to take a read of something that has already been written. This means that I am sent (usually in a Word Document) all of the copy they plan to include in a newsletter. I then read it through and make edits and corrections to help clarity and flow. I usually use the ‘track changes’ tool in Word and add comments directly on to the document.

I also try to make recommendations for additional content. This can include further explanations to certain articles, if I found them difficult to follow; extra headings or subheadings to help frame the newsletter better and suggestions for ‘calls to action’, in an effort to up your click rates.

Overall, I try to help implement all of the ‘best practice’ elements I suggest in my blog posts and the articles I share on Facebook that help a client to create the best newsletter they can.

The client themselves then ‘creates’ the newsletter themselves, finalising my edited text.

Writing newsletters

I help some clients to write the newsletter in full. For example, one client presents me with a handwritten set of notes. I turn this into full flowing narrative and they even give me the freedom to reorder items and add my own headings. I have also implemented my own set of features for them. I also populate the Mailchimp template (which I created for them). I am happy to select images which are copyright free and easy to download. The newsletter is completely ready to send out once I have finished. I then send them a preview for them to comment on. I am, of course, very happy to do further edits or additions as they wish. I am no Mailchimp expert, I admit, but I have a basic understanding of how to create a template and put together a regular newsletter.

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Rates and timing

I hope many small businesses would find these kinds of services helpful. I know how difficult it is to find the time to write a regular newsletter.

I am happy to discuss a ‘mix’ of the above! I charge a flat hourly rate for newsletter writing and on average (obviously dependent on the length) editing takes me 1-2 hours and writing 2-3 hours.

I love an interesting, informative newsletter arriving in my inbox…giving me something to read over a cuppa! So, if you think it is something that would help your business, but you are struggling to get started, let me know how I can help.

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