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Hurdles to blogging – #5 No one will read my blog!

So here comes the fifth addition to my ‘Hurdles to blogging’ series. And it’s time for a bit of tough love when it comes to starting your blog!!! No more feeling sorry for yourself! No more negative thoughts! No more making rubbish excuses! I want confidence! I want optimism! I want a “let’s do this!” kind of attitude!Why? Because I think too many people worry about what the blog readers will think or, worse, that no-one will read it, and this is just holding you back. I genuinely believe people will read your blog! I really do!

You have a ready-made audience

Do you have clients? Do you have social media followers? Do you have website visitors? Do you have newsletter subscribers? Do you have friends and family? If you can say ‘yes’ to only two or three of these questions, you already have a good size audience. You want loyal, interested readers anyway.
Remember people are generally nosey! Therefore, anyone with an interest in a business, whether as friend of the owner or as a potential client, is likely to want to know more about it! People will read your blog posts…even if not every single one…because they will be interested in the content (NB write good content…but more on that another time!).

No-one will read your blog if they don’t know about it

If you want to have a successful blog then you have to do a little work behind the scenes too. I know it takes effort to write the thing…but then you have to take one extra step and actually promote your blog. This includes both individual/latest posts and your blog as a whole.
How? Here are some suggestions:
  • shout about it in a number of your social media posts, regularly
  • add it to your email signature – both the blog generally and/or your latest post
  • mention it in your newsletter
  • have a teaser to your latest post on your website’s homepage
  • have a physical poster in your shop or office (if you have one)
  • include it on your business card
  • advertise it in your paper advertising/marketing…leaflets, flyers, price lists, etc.

Write for yourself

I appreciate that you don’t want to put in a lot of time and effort for something that will offer little return. I get that…and I could list all of the business arguments and advantages for blogging…but in short, ignoring the time it takes, blogging is free. It is easy to add a blog page to your website. You can even just use Facebook or LinkedIn to publish blog-style posts (see Hurdles to Blogging – #1 Where to ‘host’ my blog?), so there is no massive set up cost. If you want to do it, forget who will or won’t read it and just do it.
If you enjoy writing, a blog is good therapy. Enjoy the chance to write about something that interests you…your business, your passion! Use it as a chance to be more reflective. Blogging is a wonderful way to explore and evaluate different areas of your business. When you are trying to explain an element of your profession, a new product or a long-standing service, it forces you to analyse it, to test your understanding and to share your expertise. Remain customer/client focussed, but enjoy these additional benefits too.
Hopefully, you will like blogging and then any business advantages which it brings are a wonderful bonus…and the number of readers becomes a ‘nice to know’.
If you are interested in starting a blog, contact me about booking a ‘Blog Starter Training’ or if you simply want some advice on how to write a blog for your business, do not hesitate to get in touch.
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