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Hurdles to blogging – #4 I can’t think of anything to write about!

Welcome to the 4th instalment in my ‘Hurdles to blogging’ series.
One of the best ways to have a successful blog is to offer new posts regularly. But it can be really difficult to think of something new to write about every week! You need to stay on topic, not be too waffley, be focussed and ideally answer your clients’ questions and solve their problems….piquing their interest and engaging them with every post!
So, how can you come up with ideas for what to write about?

1. Brainstorm

Yes it’s old school…but get a big piece of paper and a pen, put the name of your company (or blog) in the middle of the page, draw a lovely bubble around it and start writing down absolutely everything you can think of related to your business….and I mean EVERYTHING! On the page in front of you will be lots of topic areas. Keep this piece of paper and go back to it occasionally as it may generate further ideas.

2. Survey

This can be as informal or as formal as you like, but start asking people (i.e. your clients, friends and family) questions about your business. What would they like to know about? What questions spring to mind when you talk about your profession? What do they find interesting in blog posts? Basically, ask them what you can write about!

3. Consider different types

Have a think about the different types of blog you can write – this should inspire more ideas. I have written a post before offering 10 topic ideas, but as a summary, blog types can include:
  • introductions to yourself (and team)
  • introductions to services and products
  • case studies
  • interviews
  • podcasts
  • videos
  • photo collages
  • funny stories
  • explanations about areas of your profession
  • ‘Top 10’ lists (or however many you can think of!)
  • discussions and links to national days/events
  • updates to earlier blog posts

4. Schedule/check dates

The advice is to blog regularly. This means the same day and approximately the same time of day each week or each month. Take a look at the upcoming dates on which your blog is going to be published and see if any of the dates can inspire a blog topic – is it close to or on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Christmas…or perhaps even more unique is it National Wine Day or International Women’s day or Pie Week?! Is there a national day/week/month that relates to your particular business even? It’s amazing what a few Google searches can uncover!

5. Keep a notepad

This can be a physical or virtual notepad! I keep a list on my phone, using a memo app. It means that wherever I am if I get an idea; see something on Facebook; hear a news story or someone asks me a key question about my business, I can make a note of it then and there. Later, when I am looking for a blog topic idea, I scroll through the list and see what inspires me most!

6. Evaluate and review

Lastly, once you have started blogging, new topics will come from the posts that you have already written. Take time to evaluate and review. Which posts seemed to get the most engagement, including comments and likes? Have you received any comments which ask questions and may inspire a new post? Which posts did you enjoy writing? Taking this cyclical approach will only inspire you further.



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