Tips to survive those crazy busy moments

I have rewritten the title for this post over and over again as I feel a bit of a hypocrite! This week’s blog is short, snappy and written in haste! Why? Because I am in my local drama society’s production of Guys and Dolls and life is always a bit crazy around ‘show time’! As a reflection of how I have been feeling and how I could share this with you, below are some tips for what I should have done in preparation for this week and half term upcoming next week!

My tips today are written with the goal of helping you when you have an absolutely crazy week coming up…whether it is the dreaded week before holiday, when you try to frantically get as much done as you can or those few days before the next school holidays begin, when you worry about how much you can achieve with the children at home or lots of people around you unavailable!

Friendly Tips

Realistic deadlines

Be honest with your clients! I think my favourite piece of advice is ‘Don’t overpromise and underdeliver’. Therefore, if you know you have a busy time coming up or you need to have some time off (everyone needs a holiday!!!), then tell your clients. Make sure they have clear expectations about your availability/ability to deliver on your product or service. It’s fair to them and you.

Rant and then write to do lists

I know this doesn’t sound very professional, but in the right company and environment, it is good to have a bit of a rant and moan about how busy you are and all the things you need to do. A friendly ear will be supportive, and listing out all the things you need to do can help you reflect on what is most important and perhaps what can actually wait. Even if you can’t do it out loud, allow yourself a bit of time to write a (scarily!) long to do list, stress over it for 5 minutes, and then make a cuppa and take another look – what can you leave for another week or so? What won’t be completed effectively in a rush anyway? What can you delegate? Even if everything remains essential, at least you have a complete list to work through and you can then prioritise items and try to work out how long things might take.

Practical Tips

Pre-written blog posts

I know it seems rare sometimes, but there are always occasions when business can be a bit quiet or you get an unexpected stretch of spare time. Use this time to write some ‘non-time specific’ blog posts. Then when you have a crazy week, give it a quick check through for accuracy and relevance and post it!

‘Saved’ Facebook articles

Don’t share every article you come across on Facebook the moment you see them. Save a few as you go. Then when you have a busy period when you don’t have time to scroll through Facebook every day, share these saved articles. And even better, schedule some posts in advance. (There will be more on this and top tips for Facebook on my blog soon.)

Schedule website updates

On a lot of websites you can schedule updates…so you can work on a lot of them when you have time and then schedule the update to go live when you are busy or away, making your website seem fresh all of the time.

Ok eek that’s literally all I have time for…and I’ll catch you on the other side…!!!

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