Workshops and working together

I know I have talked before about the importance of networking and collaboration for support, inspiration and research. However recently, I have been considering what I offer in terms of training and the potential for ‘workshops’ to help small business owners.
If you work in a creative industry, working together at classes and workshops seems to be an absolutely ingrained part of development. However, in other areas of industry, we don’t seem to think about ‘coming together and working together’, as easily.
What I really like about creative workshops/classes is the mesh of individual goals alongside group support. Let me explain: each person has their own individual goal – whether it is their own painting, their own piece of jewellery, pottery or their own sewing project. Each person is creating something for themselves (even if it going to be a gift!!).
However, by creating these items in a group environment, there are other people there to discuss your ideas with, to make suggestions and (hopefully!) to offer the odd compliment or two which can encourage and guide you…as well as, a tutor for expert advice.
Another reason, I am keen to encourage workshops is as a solution to the ‘no time for this’ problem. Attending a conference or a training, was always a blessing and a curse, when I worked in publishing. They were great opportunities to meet people; learn something new and make new connections. However, the time away from my desk meant the inbox started to bulge, the to-do list sat with nothing ticked off and the queries from colleagues had to wait! Therefore, I completely appreciate that taking time out to attend an event like this can seem counterproductive.
Therefore a workshop, which allows time to ‘create and do’, as well as learn, seems incredibly valuable. For example, if one of your tasks is to write a newsletter and you can actually get that done, whilst being trained, networking and collaborating – that sounds like an awesome combination! And with any luck, the newsletter you create will be ten times better than the one you would have done sat at your desk alone. After all, there all those people there to hold you accountable!
So, what do you think? Workshop anyone?
What topics would you be keen to cover? Or what activities do you think would work well? Let me know your thoughts.

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