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Hurdles to blogging – #2 I have no time to blog, Kate!

“I have no time to blog!!!” – I hear this a lot! It is often preceded by “I would love to blog but…”.

I completely get it. Owning a small business is time-consuming as it is. But I also know that marketing your business, offering updates on your webpage and social media channels and remaining in your clients ‘consciousness’ is also a priority.

Make time

Making time to blog doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. Firstly, it can be 2-3 jobs rolled in to one. If you write one blog post, it is an instant item for your next newsletter (advertising the blog post and its content), it is at least two Facebook/Twitter posts (advertising the blog) and it is a future blog post (when it can be reworked, updated and republished). Thinking about it this way can also help to make it a priority.

Publish regularly; write irregularly

It doesn’t have to be an ‘exactly once a month’ kind of job! I do believe blog posts need to be posted regularly but they don’t have to be written regularly. Blog posts are not always time specific. That means blogs can be written in advance – if you are hit by the writing bug then perhaps sit and compose two or three in draft. They don’t have to be perfect and they can even be reshaped or restructured to suit when you decide to finally publish them.

Write about what you are interested in

Try to write about what interests you to start with. There is nothing worse than trying to write a blog post about something you know little about or what you have little passion for, even if you think your readers will find it of interest. Researching a topic and then writing it up is time-consuming. So, to start with, stick to accessible topics – things you know inside and out. Just because it all seems so ‘obvious’ and ‘everyday’ to you doesn’t mean your clients feel this way. For example, our local greengrocer delivers veg boxes and I am always intrigued as to how he selects what to put in the boxes each week. This is probably such an automatic task to him but I’d happily read about what produce is in season; in excess perhaps or what he wants to ‘introduce’ to his customers that week.

There are ways and means…

Finally, if you really don’t have the time but are keen to have a blog then talk to me – let me do it for you! We can have short regular meetings where you talk me through what you want to say and I go away and write it up into coherent text. Even if you want to write a draft or a few bullet points, I can help edit it or add the ‘flesh’ to your outline to save you the time. Just let me know how I can help.

I hope this ‘blog hurdle’ seems a little easier to conquer now. And don’t forget to check out my ‘Blog Hurdle #1’ post.


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