GIFs, memes and all that stuff

This is totally an opinion piece and by that I mean I want your opinion!
I’ve noticed that recently my Facebook feed seems absolutely swamped with GIFs, memes and inspirational quotes, and from every source – individuals (old and young!), businesses (big and small!) and voluntary organisations (organised and not very organised!!!).
What do you think of them?
I am sure most of you know what I am talking about, but in case I have lost any one:
GIFs – short 2-5 second clips, either animations or video, which play on a loop.
Memes – usually a photo and an accompanying sentence which doesn’t necessarily ‘belong’ to the original photo but together makes a funny or poignant point.
Quotes – ‘one liners’ for comic effect or perhaps inspiration, and usually accompanied by a beautiful landscape photo or perhaps a photo of the person the quote is originally attributed to.
I was going to give examples but picking just one to illustrate the whole collection is difficult and the copyright element is even more of a nightmare…so these descriptions are my best lexicographical efforts for today!!!
Anyway, back to my musings…my question primarily is ‘are they good for business?’
I’m really torn. Firstly, because of my fluctuating mood! Some days, I see a meme and think that’s really funny, other days they just annoy me (*groan*…not another ‘be like Kevin, Jack, Sally’ or whoever it is!!!).
I read an inspirational quote and get teary and inspired one day, then the next day, just think, did Marilyn Monroe really say that??? Or worse, ‘stick your ‘get up and get on with it’ advice, I just want to hide in bed all day’! Ok, so as you can see my internal monologue can go on a bit. However, it got me thinking, if I use GIFs, memes, etc., in my business posts, will I inspire, make my followers laugh…or just make them cross!
Secondly, what makes a good one? Your Facebook posts are about presenting your business and your services. So how do you know which GIF strikes the right balance to show you and your company in the best light? Sure, they can be friendly and fun…but can they also look unprofessional and perhaps childish?
The same goes for quotes and memes, in terms of tone. We don’t know what’s going on in the lives of our clients at all times, so offering something ‘flippant’ could be really hurtful. Particularly, along the theme of ‘it’s not as bad as it seems’ …well, actually what if life is absolutely awful for them right now?
Finally, are they good for engagement? I know I sound like I am being negative about them…but I can also see how engaging they can be. If you offer something humorous or memorable, are you more likely to get comments? More likes? More people being reached by the post? And hence, (with my commercial hat on), get more interest in your business?
Unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, there is no conclusion to this post, just more pondering on my part and a simple request for your thoughts.
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