Your website – a window to your business

So it was Valentine’s Day this week and I suggested showing your website a little bit of love. Why? Because I believe your website is your ‘shop window’. For most businesses that don’t have a physical building or shop for customers to visit, the only way clients can see your products, the services you offer and get to know you is through your website.
So, how is it looking? Take a moment to give it the ‘once over’ with a critical eye.
Read the copy out loud, paying particular attention to the homepage. Ask yourself these questions:
  • Is the copy clear?
  • Is it written in plain English?
  • Are the sentences short and to the point?
  • Have you included headings and subheadings? Can you hyperlink these?
Then have a little think about ‘keywords’. Imagine you want to search for your business online – what would you type in to Google? Write down the different word strings and combinations. Look at the words and phrases used and now check these are used on your website.
Also, would you include your local town/county in the search? If so, do you state clearly where you are based on your homepage? …make sure you do!
Next, think about navigation. Pick a product or service and imagine trying to find it for the first time on your webpage. Think about the following:
  • How many ‘clicks’ does it take?
  • Can you find it easily?
  • Is it obvious which page or heading you needed to go to?
  • Could more signposting help?
Finally, as I have mentioned before when talking about good quality copy (see: Good copy = Good business sense), website visitors are speedy information gatherers. They are often looking for something very specific and if they can’t find it they will move on to the next site. Unlike a physical shop, you don’t get the chance to personally ‘jump out’ and ask, “how can I help? What are you looking for?” – therefore, your website has to do that job for you.
Don’t just create it and forget about it! Work on it, polish it…love it!
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