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One of the first pieces of advice I received after publishing my Facebook page was to include more about me, my background and my experience. It seems very odd writing about myself, particularly as what I have always enjoyed most about my career is editing other people’s work; learning about them and what makes them tick and, consequently, how they like to work and write.
However, a little self-reflection is not a bad thing and I hope as followers of this page and, importantly, clients, it will evidence my abilities and professional experience as an editor.
My interest in the English language began at A-level, aged 16, when I met the most incredible teacher, Mrs E. Jolly. She taught me how to study language as a ‘science’, to analyse it using ‘rules’ and ‘laws’ and to be as objective as possible. This is how I edit. Of course, it remains subjective to a degree, but it is not simply about changing something because I feel like it, but because there is a reason behind it. I hope that if you work with me you will see how I can explain to you a reason for everything I change…if you are interested, of course!
My Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees enhanced my love of the study of language. I did my undergraduate degree at Cardiff University, focusing not only on grammar and semantics, but also learning about communication more broadly. I then read Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition at Oxford University. This was such an amazing experience! The course really helped me to appreciate the importance of ‘plain English’ to aid the second language learner and to see English from a completely different perspective.
My first publishing job was for Oxford University Press, working for the actual Oxford English Dictionary – it was a dream come true! I could call myself a lexicographer! I have worked for the dictionaries department three times in total and I have loved every second, working in such ‘minute detail’ with words.
Working for Palgrave Macmillan was also a highlight of my career. When I got the job, I simply could not believe that I would be working for an actual international academic book publisher. I had the most wonderful seven years meeting authors; going to book launches; evaluating proposals; visiting universities; commissioning; writing back cover blurbs, and working on big introductory texts across the social sciences. I was also lucky enough to work on e-books, companion websites and entire online learning resources. I learnt so much.
Ok, so I think that’s enough looking back for now! I hope the above will be of interest and here’s to the future and returning to talking less about myself and more about how I can help you!
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