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Well here goes! I have now started my own little business!
I love writing and I wanted to do something with my little bit of free time that I enjoy and feel passionate about. I like to ‘craft’ language. I can’t help but mentally edit everything I read – how could you write that differently? Is it clear? Could the key message be enhanced? Does it make sense to everyone/anyone? …and worse, spelling and grammatical errors jump out at me like a klaxon going off on QI!
So how can I apply this passion (pedantry!)? I want to help you to ‘write well’. Together, we can create copy that enables you to present your small business in the best way – whether it is via a website, a blog, email campaign or a newsletter. I want to help you to get across everything you want to say about you, your service or your products in a clear and appealing way …and we can always throw in a few extra keywords to help with that pesky ‘search engine optimisation’!
So please do get in touch if you would like my help! Just PM me or email k.llewellyn05@gmail.com
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